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Rosiris Garrido

In teaching Pilates, I continue the approach of practical invention and improvisation that is at the heart of the Pilates system. Like Joseph Pilates the founder of the method, I was trained as an acrobatic performer, studying in Rio de Janeiro at the Escola Nacional de Circo. My encounter with the Pilates technique provided the most profound contribution to my work as an aerial acrobat. In 2005, I graduated as a Pilates Instructor in the Peak Pilates System, training under Eduardo Laranjeiras at Pilates Zentrum Berlin. I’ve also participated in workshops and received coaching in Berlin by Ton Voogt, Michael Fritzke and Kelly Moriarty, among others.


Today I bring my professional performance background with me to the studio, able to blend my Pilates training with my own artistic experience. Training with me is a process of discovery, of finding out what works for you. It explores the possibilities for each body at each stage of life.


For artists of movement — dancers, aerialists, performers, movers — my own work as an artist gives me a special insight in how Pilates can best support your artistic development.